The Biggest Hurdle In SMS Marketing

Mobile Marketer asked me about hurdles in using text-messaging programs.

Here's what I told the publication:

“The biggest hurdle is often mental. Recently, Ford used a text call-to-action to produce a 15.4 percent lead convergence. I told this story to a digital influencer who called it a great example of a 'meat and potatoes' program.

“I'm a vegetarian but I'll serve my clients meat and potatoes all day long if we can realize such a lofty lead number.”

Further, I told Mobile Marketer that marketers should get past the "shiny object" mentality and concentrate on what has the best chance of success.

"Of course, another advantage to SMS marketing is that an interaction often leads to a remarketing opportunity through an opt-in. This drives loyalty and sales.

“Who cares if it was done with the simplest of mobile products?"

The full article is here