Jeff Hasen has written two critically-acclaimed books on his core belief that everything and nothing has changed with mobile – it is simply the how that is different.


The Art of Mobile Persuasion

Billions around the world have an intimate relationship with their mobile device. It is a part of them. It’s no surprise that brands are desperate to get in on the action. But will consumers let us in? If two is company, does three create a crowd?

Is it possible that we could enhance this vital relationship, improving the mobile experience for the user by providing value? And is that what the wireless device owner wants? At what price – for us and for them?

Through insights from courageous mobile marketers from Google, Coca-Cola, ESPN, REI, Expedia, and others, readers of The Art of Mobile Persuasion will learn:

  • How do we handle mobile user expectations, which are already sky-high and headed upward?
  • Is personalization possible, and how can we stop sending those meatball sandwich offers to vegetarians?
  • What is the new customer service model given the “self-sufficient” mobile shopper who will read product reviews, showroom, post to social networks, and shy away from human interaction?
  • How should marketers think about the customer journey since the daily routine is to go from device to computer to wearable and back again?
  • Who wins, marketers or machines? Does the battle matter when we think of consumers?
  • Do mobile users want privacy or value?

And more.

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Mobilized Marketing


Mobilized Marketing introduces you to people just like you who have—and continue to face—business challenges in this rapidly changing, technologically advancing, “time-crunched” society, as Kris Foley of Clear Channel Cleveland describes it.

Some of the folks you will meet are pioneers who founded or furthered Hipcricket, one of the leading mobile marketing and advertising companies in the world that set out to save or reinvigorate struggling industries and to drive others to new heights.

You will be introduced to brand marketers just like you. Fate seemingly brought some of them to mobile. Foresight, smarts, and, yes, more than a little bit of risk-taking drove others into the dynamic world of mobile. Their results will astound and inspire you.

We’ll consider the radio sales manager in Baltimore who sold mobile into an auto dealer’s radio schedule and produced 34 car sales in one day after the dealer had not sold one in more than a month; the American Red Cross, which saved lives by using mobile to remind blood donors to give so others could receive; and Ford and its dealers, which drove a 14 percent lead conversion rate by adding mobile to its rich, yet previously mobile-lacking, traditional advertising programs.

This book allows you to see what these marketers saw and apply those lessons to your own careers. You will be better equipped to identify the opportunities, ask the right questions, sell mobile into your organizations, and most important, move the needle on your business.