Wish List For CTIA Wireless Show Includes Universal Adapter

To newbies, this week’s CTIA Wireless Show in Orlando will likely be more fun than a trip down the road to Disney World.  For me, I have a long wish list but more realistic expectations. Here’s what I would like to see:
  • A universal adapter to charge all devices – this would allow travelers to leave home the bag with all the plugs, keeping them out of the overstuffed overhead compartment
  • Something as out of the blue as Apple’s Smart Covers that immediately brings a $1 billion revenue projection for 2011
  • A simple guide to network speed, giving consumers the ability to cut through the carriers’ liberal definition of 3G and 4G
  • Apple introducing the iPhone 5 – a wireless show without mobile’s biggest innovator leaves much of the story untold
  • A consistently strong wireless signal for the tens of thousands of attendees in Orlando – have you ever tried to play at a piano recital without a piano? That’s exactly how we feel when we can’t demo our products
  • A strong brand marketer presence – this show is known more for its business development opportunities but there are strong case studies to be shared that will be of interest to brands
  • A 25 percent reduction in expenditures on parties with that money instead going to Japan relief efforts
  • Agreement that consumers are ready for the convergence of mobile and social – the stats tell us they already thing that way (Facebook members are twice as active on mobile as they are on PCs, for instance)
  • Sensible tablet pricing models so I’ll stop being asked to spend three times the price for an iPad subscription than I would pay for the print edition
 If Sunday’s news of a possible AT&T-T-Mobile USA partnership is any indication, perhaps there will be grand surprises in Florida. We’ll see. (Originally published at imediaconnection.com http://bit.ly/hpU4hg)