QR Code or SMS? It's All About Engagement

QR codes are in nearly every conversation with brands these days. But do they replace or complement SMS as a way to engage consumers? I was quoted extensively on this question in one of the most discussed Mobile Marketer stories in memory. “SMS has distinct advantages because of its reach, use by mobile subscribers of just about all ages, and standardization,” I told reporter Giselle Tsirulnik. “When you create an SMS call to action, you don’t need to worry whether your target has an interest in QR codes, not to mention an app to engage with the image.” Other points I made in the piece: “As marketers, we should be agnostic when it comes to mobile tactics as long as we succeed in our goals of engagement that leads to trial, sales and loyalty. “Many of Hipcricket clients, including Macy’s, are wisely choosing to provide consumers with multiple ways to engage. We are seeing this now in the Macy’s aisles in the Backstage Pass program that provides fashion tips, product information and more. Macy’s is inclusive, even providing a URL at the point of sale for those who don’t wish to interact via mobile. “It is about turning what used to be passive activities into interactive ones. That means that regardless of whether it is a QR code, an SMS-to-short code or both, some sort of mobile call to action needs to be included in traditional media and other communications vehicles like point of sale materials to better engage consumers and drive them to purchase. “QR codes have a buzz about them and are included in most conversations Hipcricket has with its clients and new business prospects. But for many quick service restaurants and other brands, SMS calls to action remain an indispensible part of the marketing mix. “And SMS calls to action are becoming more and more commonplace.” You can read the full article here http://bit.ly/hBsSwY.