Technology Gap or Gap In View of Big Picture?

Forrester says that there is a widening gap between generations when it comes to use of personal technology. Call me a disbeliever. On the contrary, I see a breakdown in the barriers to technology use due to better user experiences, price decreases, and the interest from all age groups in staying connected to family members. A sound bite from a recent presentation is here. jeffhasen From the Forrester report: "The digital attitudes and behaviors that Gen Y and Gen X are cultivating now will follow them as they age and will only be multiplied in the generations that follow them," said Forrester Research Consumer Insights Analyst Jacqueline Anderson. "Gen Y in particular is living and breathing a digital social life. In almost every online or mobile behavior, Gen Y leads the adoption curve. About two-thirds update or maintain a profile on a social networking site, which for them is a way to facilitate all social aspects of their lives." "On the other hand, Gen X is the master of maximizing the functional benefits of technology. In many activities, Gen Xers closely rival Gen Yers in adoption. For example, both spend about 17 hours online a week. But Gen Xers have mastered the art of using digital tools in a more functional manner, especially if it supports their family's needs," said Anderson. Is that so? I’m betting that my 81-year-old mother-in-law read the report on her Kindle – or at the very least via Wi-Fi on her notebook.