Saluting or Chiding Salespeople Via "Megaphone"

In a post called Let’s Start A Movement, Glenn Ross implores satisfied customers to salute extraordinary employees. “When you experience truly exceptional customer service, grab your smart phone and send out a tweet or post it on Facebook, MySpace, or your favorite social media platform.,” Ross wrote. “Give the employee's first name and the name and location of the business (if you have enough characters.) Also, before you leave the store (or get off the phone) take the time to compliment the employee and if the manager is nearby, let him or her know. Let's start a movement here. We're always talking about how bad customer service gets social media exposure, I challenge you to step up and make the effort to recognize exceptional service.” The post is in line with my belief that it’s immaterial whether it’s a feature phone or smartphone – consider them all megaphones where consumers have influential voices. According to eMarketer, social networks are becoming the primary way mobile users exchange information. As of summer 2010, 63 percent of Twitter users posted via a mobile device. They instantly – and undoubtedly impulsively — tell us when a car salesperson pull a bait and switch. And that their friends should get to the store quickly before the “must have” sold out. And that there is a cockroach crawling up the restaurant wall and you would be insane to ever go there. And don’t forget to tell your friends. This is the intersection between personal technology and what I call Moments of Trust, those critical touchpoints between a brand and a consumer that make or break businesses and impact sales and loyalty. Mobile is key to it all.