Notes From A Mobilized Marketer - The Slam Dunk For Dunkin' Donuts Edition


Dunkin’ Donuts recently launched the ability to toggle its mobile app to Spanish. Bueno. Hispanics overindex on most things mobile.

It was no coincidence that Facebook stock topped $50 for first time on the day we learned that 20 percent of all time spent on mobile is on Facebook.

Mobile ad budgets rose 142 percent in the past two years, according to the IAB. No surprise – if anything, I would’ve thought it was higher.

Hey, naysayers - Apple's iPhone sales alone are bigger than all of Procter & Gamble’s sales.

There has been four times the mobile traffic for Macy's in they last 12 months.

Also, Macy's has begun a heavy TV schedule promoting its new mobile app - "a shopper's BFF". The download call to action includes SMS.

Is it just me or does the virtual keyboard function in iOS7 make an iPhone look like a Blackberry?

There are 23 million results if you Google smartwatch, according to R/GA's Bob Greenberg who says that the timeline between science fiction and reality is short.

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, says the Mobile Marketing Association’s Greg Stuart.

A Mediapost headline said that agencies are “embracing” mobile. I believe that many traditional agencies are way behind their clients.

Another story caught my eye, this one in Mobile Marketer - brands are moving from apps to "what's my mobile strategy?" That should've been settled 3 years ago.

Samsung says it will launch a curved display smartphone in October. Yawn.

According to Forrester, 71 percent of smartphone owners take photos/video with their mobile phones. I thought that was closer to 90 percent.

There are five times as many cellphones in the world as there are PC's.