Facebook’s Mobile Dominance Often Ignored By Hispanic-Owned SMBs

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For years, we’ve known that Hispanics are early mobile adopters with a large group accessing the Internet solely via wireless device. Further, there is ample evidence that brands running mobile campaigns aimed at Hispanics have sold product and upped scores in both loyalty and engagement.

Last week, Facebook said it garners 20 percent of overall time spent on mobile by all users.

These facts make a new study all the more troubling: only 12 percent of U.S. SMBs have active Facebook pages and a whopping 40 percent hadn’t done anything with Facebook – advertising included – in the last 30 days.

Talk about missed opportunities.

The YaSabe study analyzed over 500 SMBs in five major US markets. Fifty percent of SMB’s selected have Spanish-speaking owners/staff.

The study revealed that less than 1 in 4 businesses had ever made a post to their Facebook page. Fewer than half of SMBs with Facebook pages had accumulated more than 100 “likes”.

Facebook claims that 16 million businesses have a Facebook page.

When asked by Portada whether Facebook is a relevant business networking site as opposed to be more of a consumer social network, a YaSabe spokesperson said that " I agree that Twitter and LinkedIn are good social networking tools. Their focus thus has primarily been on B2B and for business networking. However, Facebook remains, at least for local advertising, the consumer-oriented social media. At the moment, Facebook is considered the dominant B2C social media platform."

In defense of the SMBs, Facebook only recently has proven its worth when it comes to mobile advertising and promotions. Plus, the social network has made repeated changes to its offerings, forcing businesses to spend valuable time staying abreast.

Still, with mobile eyes so focused on Facebook, its imperative that SMBs be both up to date and active.


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