Three Wishes For 2011

Proving to still be in the holiday spirit, a genie (OK, my sister-in-law, Jeanie) granted me three wishes for 2011. Without consulting a mobile app or my Tweeps, I offer them up one-by-one: Wish one -- To do my part to boost adoption of smartphones, I recommend the sale of mobile devices at the barista stands I pass (really, honey, I drive by them) on the way to work. Unless you live in Amish Country, you know the coffee shacks I’m taking about – those with scantily clad girls mostly blocked from our views by the dudes in the F-150s. Crazy idea? Nothing could be wackier than selling netbooks and other personal technology in drugstores. It’s illogical to ask the consumer or the drugstore stock boy to be informed about consumer electronics products being introduced virtually every hour in the era of technology on steroids. But those baristas? They can pass the Microsoft entrance test, I’m sure. … Wish two -- Four months ago, I blogged about the continued confusion in buying, then setting up a wireless router. Akin to wearing an Italian suit with Buster Brown shoes, at that time I paired my new MacBook Pro with a wireless router I bought in 2005. I’m still confused – and still with the 2005 device. 2011, please bring simplicity to this situation so those 25 percent of us who buy, then return a router, can have a nice day – and the connection and security we desire. … Wish three: I wish that manufacturers would build scam-proof devices so inept journalists don’t give airtime in 2011 to some idiotic publicity seeker who manufactures a lie about some exploding phone supposedly causing damage to a body part. Of course, we fell for the trick again about a month ago, driving inane stories about “unsafe” technology and how we need to think hard before we put a mobile device in the hands of a loved one. As sure as I’ll have to tweet about AT&T service 8,000 times in 2011, a TV crew will find some clown who tells a tall tale about a destructive mobile phone.  After I lose it, we’ll categorize that incident as a true explosion.