The Moments of Trust Implications of the iPhone Going To Verizon

The amount of speculation over the years on the sale of the iPhone on Verizon is about equal to the number of dropped iPhone calls seen on AT&T. But it’s wrong to believe that the great majority of current iPhone owners will burn their AT&T contracts and storm Verizon’s doors. Why? Mobile subscribers are uncommonly loyal. Part of it is the nuisance and time it takes to switch. More that that, many contracts are tied to family plans (for instance, my brother has four BlackBerrys on Verizon with minutes shared). Plus, the iPhone no longer runs unopposed as the phone to have. I’ve been as fed up as anyone with AT&T’s poor network. But a switch to Verizon is by no means a sure thing. First, I have a grandfathered contract, providing for 1,500 monthly minutes for $49.99. Further, I have an unlimited data plan since I’ve had an iPhone since the beginning. Whether Verizon offers an unlimited data plan – and for how long – is the subject of rumor. So is pricing, colors, whether more carriers will get the device, and which one, if any, will have the next version – iPhone 5 – before the others. While Tuesday ends the will the iPhone be sold by Verizon questions, the news brings a set of whole new ones. As to the Moments of Trust Implications, many who buy the Verizon iPhone will be buying a smartphone for the first time. This is important for brands since these consumers will have more access to product and other information via the mobile web and apps as well as the ability to use their devices as megaphones. In the last few days, we learned that 40% of Twitter use is via mobile. This number will rise with more iPhones in consumer hands.