The AT&T Disconnect

An open letter to AT&T Wireless: I’ve always had options. Up until now, I’ve just chosen not to exercise them. You spent what you did on iPhone exclusivity in an attempt to “lock” in me and millions of others. In some respects, the strategy worked. But where you slipped was in mistaking my loyalty for a device with a devotion to your company. You’ve had 3 ½ years to build a bond with me – actually, if you count the AT&T earlier years, then the Cingular times, then now – I’ve been your customer for more than a dozen years. I can’t help but tell you that we’ve been in a loveless relationship. As much as I may not love you for your (let me be generous here) spotty network, pricing ($20 a month for unlimited text messages?), and times when your customer service felt more like a disservice, I know that you don’t love me. How else can I view zero effort to reward me for my business? As you know, beyond my iPhone, I continue to pay you monthly on a BlackBerry Bold account that has given me its own set of frustrations. From you, I’ve been waiting for a phone call, a text, or even a letter that acknowledges my value to you. I’ve been waiting for an offer (I have unlimited data grandfathered in on my iPhone 3GS so giving others unlimited data means nothing to me). I’ve seen only some communications about your 4G network. I’m a customer – the mailing brought me no news and no value. This week, I more expect Verizon to reach out to me. It’s going to be about dollars and cents, not loyalty. And it’s going to be about a disconnect. Not between iPhone and iPhone (that happens now and then, you know). It’s about a disconnect between company and customer. Yours (for now) Jeff