My Proprietary Research On Influence of Mobile and Social on "Moments of Trust"

Mobile devices have become megaphones for a large portion of users with more than 40 percent telling those in their social networks about negative or positive experiences with brands, according to new research I commissioned and unveil today at Jeff Pulver’s stirring 140 Characters Conference

In a representative national survey of feature phone and smartphone owners, 46 percent reported that they communicated with friends, family and their social network following a positive in-store experience. In addition, 40 percent say they used their phone in a retail location to detail a negative interaction.

For more than 10 years, I have been a frequent analyst and commentator on what I call  “Moments of Trust”, consumer touch points with brands that influence trial, sales and loyalty. Mobile certainly now factors into the dynamic.

Of those who used their devices to communicate brand experiences, 18 percent used Facebook; 8 percent employed Twitter; and 32 percent communicated via text message.

In other findings: 

·      10 percent said that they had heard from a brand following a post about a retail interaction

·      35 percent said they would want to hear from a store or brand after a negative experience

·      34 percent said they had seen a post from someone in their network

·      48 percent said they would be influenced by a post

What does this all mean? 

In my view, nothing has changed while everything has changed. Since day one of commerce, it has been critical to serve the customer. That is, of course, still true today. What is dramatically different is the consumer’s ability to broadcast his or her experiences and to influence consideration and purchase patterns.