Notes From A Mobilized Marketer - The "Stockboy As Mobile Expert" Edition


Cheap smartphones are expected to be one of the big stories coming out of this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’ve seen rock-bottom priced tablets sold at drugstores and convenience stores. And you know how that has gone. There’s nothing like the teenager stocking the shelves with toilet paper being asked to give mobile advice.

Oral-B will reportedly unveil a Bluetooth-enabled toothBrush at MWC. At least that’s the chatter.

Mondelez said it would double its mobile and digital as a percentage of media ad spend by 2016.

On average, mobile now represents more than 20 percent of overall traffic to websites, according to Forrester.

One more from the same research company: 71 percent of smartphone owners take photos/video with their mobile phones.

Yahoo gave Carnegie Mellon University a $10 million grant to invent a bigger, better Siri. Considering how Siri has underdelivered, the bar may not be that high.

iPad usage is four times greater than Android tablets during the day.

A dual-screen Android phone is expected to be introduced at MWC. It’s actually version 2.0 of a YotaPhone that has sold about 12,000 units since it debuted last December. If it were to be widely adopted – huge if – would mobile be the so-called first screen. First screen 1 and 1a?

Those with zero or near-zero technical understanding have said that Apple’s iOS is bulletproof vs. security intrusions. Wrong. In case you have an Apple mobile device and missed it, you need to download a security upgrade pronto.

Nearly half of smartphone owners say they use shopping lists on their devices, Nielsen reports.

Agree with this statement from Reuters’ Felix Salmon? “The WhatsApp acquisition is a statement by (Facebook’s Mark) Zuckerberg that mobile matters more than money.”

There are more mobile devices than people on earth and it is projected to be a four times difference by 2020.