A Brand's Use of Mobile To Affect Change


Colgate-Palmolive is the latest example of a company doing good to do well.

Its mobile initiatives this summer include a campaign that encourages consumers to make a pledge as part of its efforts for Oral Health Month.

The text-messaging focused program is part of Colgate-Palmolive’s bigger partnership with the Hispanic Dental Association. The campaign is being used to spread the word about the campaign in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Houston.

Here’s how I analyzed the effort for Mobile Marketer:

“Hispanics over-index for many things mobile, including SMS. This program has the important elements of ease, a feel-good component, and the idea that an individual can affect change.”

The rest of my comments are included in the piece found here http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/messaging/15646.html


Evaluating Microsoft's Ads Targeting iPad "Deficiencies"


You likely have seen the TV ads where Microsoft is taking the iPad on. One pokes at Siri, the other calls attention to the fact that Office applications are limited on Apple’s tablet.

Mobile Marketer asked me what I thought of this tact.

Here’s, in part, what I said in today’s article:

"Sure, it would be great if we could use Office programs more freely, but many of us don't see that as a deal-breaker — just like we don't see a crappy Siri experience as a deal-breaker.

"There is too much else that delights us.”

The full article is here http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/advertising/15442.html

I’d love to know what you think.

Can Mercedes Drive Traffic Through Mobile Advertising?


In my Mobilized Marketing book, I wrote that the coolest thing in mobile was, of all things, a Ford campaign that employed an unsexy text message call to action in traditional media to produce a 15.4 percent lead conversion.

To me, cool equals business success, not necessarily innovative technology.

Many auto manufacturers employ mobile in the hopes of moving product.

In a story running today, I told Mobile Marketer that Mercedes is wise to partner with CBS News.

“The automotive industry has had great early success with mobile, mostly from the manufacturers and dealers who are delivering personalization options – as in build your own car on your device – and current inventory for those who are inclined to visit a dealer for a test drive,” I said in the story.

“Apps are just part of the mobile solution. Car manufacturers and other brands should give consumers choice on how to interact via mobile.”

The full piece is here: http://www.luxurydaily.com/mercedes-boasts-new-e-class-in-mobile-ads/